Daily Workouts #3run5 #TogetherWeMove

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May 16, 2020: 10-Minute Run Drill

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May 14, 2020: The Pre- and Post-Run Exercises You Need to Do | May 13, 2020: Glute Strength with Coach Morgan | May 12, 2020: Fun Speedplay Workout with Ashley | May 11, 2020: 25-Minute FFXT at Home | May 9, 2020: Hill Repeats For Leg Strength with Pro Triathlete Heather Jackson | May 8, 2020: 20-Minute Full-Body Workout for Core and Leg Strength | May 7, 2020: Trail Thursday, North Country Trail System | May 6, 2020: Strides and Planks with Nate and Holly | May 5, 2020: Hip Flexor Stretching Routine with Amanda Brooks of Run to the Finish | May 4, 2020: Stability with FFXT at Home | May 2, 2020: Circuit Workout with ASICS Track and Field Athlete, Taliyah Brooks | May 1, 2020: Speed Work with 100-Mile World Champion Zach Bitter | April 30, 2020: 20-Minute Full Body Strength with @officialrunningchannel (do this workout in the TRE app) | April 29, 2020: Mechanics Run: Learn your Best Form | April 28, 2020: The Burpee Run | April 27, 2020: Core Strength and Stability, FFXT at Home | April 26, 2020: "Breathe Better" Interval Audio Run on The Run Experience App | April 25, 2020: Low Impact HIIT Workout with Justine Van Drunen | April 24, 2020: Hip Mobility and Flexibility Francheska Martinez | April 23, 2020: Trail Thursday Route - Rand Tract Loop | April 22, 2020: Total Body Balance Run: Fun Mish Mosh Circuit Run with Trail Sisters Founder, Gina Lucrezi | April 21, 2020: Run This Fun Speed Session to Get Faster and Learn Pacing | April 18, 2020 - FFXT at Home | April 17, 2020 - Mike Olzinski's Minutes Fartlek Run | April 16, 2020: Thursday Trail Route - Camillus Forest Unique Area | April 15, 2020: Leg Strengthening for Runners with Magda Boulet | April 14, 2020: Hip Strength & Stability for a Balanced Body | April 13, 2020: The Perfect Workout for the Quarantined Runner | April 11, 2020: Family-Friendly No Boundaries Walk/Run | April 10, 2020: The Ultimate Follow Along Home Workout for Runners | April 9, 2020: Three Falls Woods Trail Route | April 8, 2020:10-Minute Run Drill with Coach Nate | April 7, 2020: Chest Opening Yoga for Runners | April 6, 2020: The All in One Strength & Tempo Run with Coach Morgan | April 4, 2020: 0-5K Movement & Awareness Workout | April 3, 2020: Hill Repeats with The Run Experience's Coach Nate | April 2, 2020: New Route: Get on the Trails | April 1, 2020: 12-Minute, Low-Impact HIIT Workout | March 31, 2020: Track Tuesday Workout | March 30, 2020: Stress-Busting HIIT Circuit | March 29, 2020: Solo-Selfie Contest | March 28, 2020: Run/Walk & Family | March 27, 2020: Restorative Yoga for Runners | March 26, 2020: Hit the Trails | March 25, 2020: Get Out & Move Workout | March 24, 2020: Track Tuesday Workout | March 23, 2020: FFXT at Home 

Fleet Feet x The Run Experience Together We Move Training

Together we move daily workouts fleet feet syracuse

Daily Workouts #3run5 #TogetherWeMove 

Daily #3run5 #TogetherWeMove Workouts

The store may be closed, but RUNNING IS NOT CANCELED.

We miss our running/walking groups and training buddies. So while we maintain a safe social distance, our Fleet Feet coaches are working together to provide free daily workouts to the #3run5 community. This group is open to runners and walkers of all abilities!

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Updates on our reopening, running and walking routes and workouts, and wellness tips will be posted on:

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You can also refer back to this page to find previous workouts as they come out.

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Program Start: Open Enrollment
Program Schedule: Daily
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Description: We miss our running groups and training buddies. So while we maintain a safe social distance, our Fleet Feet SYR coaches are working together to provide free daily workouts to the #3run5 community. Sign-up and we'll send a daily workout directly to your inbox. #TogetherWeMove #3run5
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