Fleet Feet East Syracuse and Clay Standard Operating Procedures

Fleet Feet East Syracuse and Clay Standard Operating Procedures

May 28, 2020

  1. All staff will be REQUIRED to wear a face mask that completely covers the mouth and nose at all times in our stores. Staff members are required to wash their hands for 20 seconds upon arriving to work, between helping customers and also use the hand sanitizer provided in-store in between. 

  2. All customers will need to have a mask or face covering in order to enter our stores, no exceptions. If the customer does not have a mask or face covering, we will offer a free disposable mask.

  3. A Fleet Feet Team Leader will greet all customers entering the building, ensuring that all customers have the proper mask or face covering and requiring customers to disinfect their hands.

  4. Customers will be served by appointments and walk-ins will be added to our waitlist queue, which they can book on our website or by calling the stores. Only customers will be allowed in the store. Customers will not be allowed in the store for browsing.

  5. Hand sanitizing stations will be available at the entrance/exit to our stores, at each customer fitting station and at the cash wrap.

  6. Employees will have sanitary gloves to use in-store and will be provided the time to wash their hands after each customer fitting.

  7. Fleet Feet Syracuse has large footprint stores with 10,000 square feet in East Syracuse and 5,000 square feet in Clay.  Individual customer fitting stations will be positioned so that customers and our employees will maintain 6 feet of social distancing. 

  8. We are limiting the number of customers in the store by our appointment scheduling. Appointments will be staggered to avoid customers coming in at the same time. Sessions will be limited to 30 minutes and the customer will have the choice of three shoe models. 

  9. All customers will be provided a clean pair of socks from Fleet Feet during footwear sessions. These socks can be purchased by the customer at 50% off. All barefoot analysis and barefoot scanning is removed from the FIT Process until further notice. Scanning of customers with new try on socks is permissible. 

  10. Staff Members should avoid shaking hands with customers and should maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times, passing shoe boxes and products to the customer and having them tie their own shoes.

  11. At the cash wrap, customers will be required to stay in back of a designated floor marker that will ensure 6 feet of social distancing with our staff. The counter tops of each cash wrap are 39 inches. This means the customer will be 6 feet away while the transaction is rung out. When it is time for the customer to swipe/insert a credit card, employees will step back and allow the customer to come forward for payment. Due to the large amount of space we have, 6 feet of separation will be maintained.

  12. Cash payments should be discouraged.

  13. In East Syracuse, the middle register will not be utilized to maintain social distancing.

  14. Products tried on by a customer must be sprayed with a disinfectant before returning to stock.

  15. Returned product must go to the quarantine area of each store for 24 hours and properly disinfected before going back to stock if the product is resalable.

  16. Fitting Rooms will be closed to customers until further notice.

  17. Frequent cleaning will be required through the day. High touch surfaces must be cleaned after each use: credit card machines, fit stations, computer terminals, iPads, door handles, etc. Other areas of the building will also be cleaned regularly.

  18. Until further notice, one of the two bathrooms will be designated as a hands cleaning bathroom. The door should be propped open, so employees/customers will not have to touch door handles.

  19. All employees will have their temperature taken before coming to work. Any employee with a temperature above 100.4 will be excused to go home. Additionally, any employee exhibiting symptoms of illness will not be allowed to work. Symptoms include but are not limited to: a worsening cough, sore throat, shortness of breath and a loss of taste or smell.

  20. A sign will be posted on the front door of each store asking customers who are feeling sick to opt for Virtual Fitting or shopping on fleetfeet.com.

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