Paincakes - Reusable Ice Packs That Stick!

PAINCAKES™ provides targeted cold therapy to surround aches, pains and post-workout stiffness with waves of cooling relief.

Gravity-defying PAINCAKES is a patented cold therapy device designed to adhere directly to your skin without actually touching your skin.

Using proprietary Stick and Stay® technology, PAINCAKES hover just above the epidermis, sending waves of cooling relief to post workout inflammation, aches & pains.

Athlete designed and tested, PAINCAKES is focused relief! Stick it exactly where you need it – and it stays! No hands, straps, tape, adhesives, velcro or any other hard-to-use contraption that can cut off circulation or irritate skin.

PAINCAKES solve the vexing problem of positioning cold packs exactly where you need them. They’re reusable, wrap and conform and can be placed on knees, ankles, neck, shoulders, glutes, back, elbows; anywhere you need relief.

Practical and easy to use, PAINCAKES will forever change the way you recover.


• Latex-Free
• Reusable
• Re-Stickable up to 100 times
• Athlete developed and tested
• Wrap and conform
• Strap and hands-free
• Made in the USA

Paincakes Retail Price   $15

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