Compression socks, sleeves, shorts and pants

For athletes, compression products are designed to reduce swelling, muscle soreness and muscle fatigue experienced post-exercise. And, all compression products are NOT created equal. 

Compression socks for runners are a super strong elastic sock, typically worn up to the knee. They compress veins on the surface of your leg, as well as arteries and muscles, so that blood is circulated through your legs through smaller circulatory channels. Blood gets back to your heart faster, making it less likely to pool in your feet and lower legs. Compression also provides additional stability for muscles.

Most sleeves and socks apply graduated compression, meaning they are tighter around the ankle, and less so at the knee. Since leg sizes vary, it's important that you are measured to get the right size compression product.

Compression Products we recommend:

CEP Progressive+ Run Socks

Product Features:

  • 20-30 mmHg from ankle to calf, 18 mmHg consistent compression over the calf
  • Filament fiber for extreme durability and wide top band for a perfect fit
  • Extra-flat toe seam prevents pressure points 
  • Compression zone for arch stabilization
  • Optimized achilles tendon protector
  • Wicks moisture away from the skin for heat and moisture management 
  • More energy, greater endurance and enhanced performance thanks to improved blood circulation
  • Activates the flow of blood in the muscles
  • Muscle and joint stabilization for reduced risk of injury
  • Increased coordination by activating the muscles for a sense of stability and security when running

Perfect for:  Runners, triathletes, endurance athletes

CEP Progressive+ Compression Socks Retail Price $60 per pair

 CEP Progressive+ Compression Sleeves

CEP Progressive+ Compression Sleeves provide the same quality attributes as compression socks, but you can wear your own favorite socks with the sleeves instead.

CEP Progressive+ Compression Sleeves Retail Price $40 per pair


CWX Shorts, Crops and Tights

The CW-X Support Web provides Targeted Support to key areas, decreasing muscle oscillation and focusing power so your muscles work more efficiently. Variable compression along the web facilitates circulation, minimizing lactic acid build-up and muscle soreness, so you can be active longer and recover faster.  


Compression Shorts, Crops and Pants Retail Price $80 to $135

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