Why Self-Massage Should Always Be Part of Your Workout

Avoid injury and run better

Massage applies moving pressure to muscles and other tissues such as tendons, ligaments and fascia (which sheaths muscles like a sausage casing). That energy softens fascia tissue and makes clenched muscles relax. It also removes adhesions between fascia and muscles (places where the two stick together and restrict muscle movement). That's especially great news for runners, who rely on limber joints and muscles for pain-free, peak performance.


Benefits of Self-Massage

Before a workout: 

  • Increases circulation: Manipulation of the muscles causes the blood vessels to dilate and pump more blood into the muscles and fascia. This warms up the tissues and make them more pliable to stretching, and less prone to injury.
  • Treats connective tissue scarring and muscular adhesions, which result from normal training and body imbalances by breaking down dysfunctional scarring that forms as your body attempts to heal from the stress of your previous workouts. Helps create functional scarring that makes you more resilient to injury.
  • Sensory Stimulation from the proprietary, textured surfaces of the Addaday massage tools stimulate the nervous system to create a reflex relaxation of the muscles, much the same way acupressure works. These massage tools work out the knots and relax the small muscles spasms, known as trigger points, which result from workouts and daily life and interfere with proper muscle and joint function.

After a workout:

  • Flushes the residue of exercise (i.e. metabolic waste products) from the muscles to hasten recovery.
  • Relaxes tired and tight muscles, works out the knots (muscle spasms) that occur when muscles are overtaxed.


Self-massage can boost recovery and be a valuable training tool to help you run your best. Muscle stiffness can throw off your gait, which can lead to problems over time. And by getting a sense for how your body should feel when everything is in balance, you're more likely to notice small issues before they turn into chronic problems. Beginning runners can benefit from massage, because alleviating the soreness that comes with starting a new sport makes people more likely to stick with it.

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