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Workplace FIT Grant Submission

Accepting submissions until July 31, 2018


Submission Application

What is included in the grant program?

  • Clinic at your location for all employees; which includes a gait analysis and recommendations for proper supportive equipment from our FIT experts.
  • Lunch & Learn seminar catered to your employees’ needs. Topics range from Good Form Running, Stretching Properly, Nutrition, Couch to 5k.
  • A ten (10) week 5K Learn to Run program starting in September for ten (10) of your employees in our No Boundaries training program.  

Please fill out all fields in the form below and attach all documents needed to fulfill the requested material requirements.

Please type the full legal name of the business/association/district.
Please fill in both first and last name of the person submitting the form on behalf of the identified business/association/district.
Please select the range that your business/association/district falls into.

Additional Instructions For Supporting Materials

At this point you have finished all required documentation for your submission. You do have the option to submit additional materials in the form of photos, video and employee testimonial. In order to submit these pieces, please email all files to Lisa Ashbridge at Each entry is limited to one (1) of each additional category. (ie. one (1) photo, one (1) video, one (1) testimonial)

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