Closing Roads in Onondaga County

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office

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Road Closings

Local Roads   (Towns & Villages)

  • Check with your local town or village clerk to determine whether they allow road closings and whether permits are required.  Some townships will issue

permits for county roads, and some won’t.

County Roads

  • Onondaga County DOT does not issue permits for road closings. 

State Roads

  • NYS DOT will issue permits for road closings on any speed event crossing a county line, regardless of whether the event is on a local, county or state highway. 
  • Speed events that comply with normal rules of the road do not require a permit.
  • Events that violate any traffic laws or disrupt traffic for 10 minutes or morerequire a permit.
  • NYS DOT only issues a permit on single county events when that event is on a state road.
  • NYS DOT permit information and applications can be found at the following link:

Traffic Control & Security

  • If your event is held in a Village or Town with a Police Department, contact that agency for assistance.  Some agencies may be able to provide on duty personnel at minimal or no cost to the organizer.  Other agencies may provide personnel on an overtime basis only, so check with the specific agency in that jurisdiction.


  • The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office no longer provides on duty personnel for traffic control and security of private events.  Deputies can be hired on a secondary employment basis. The Sheriff’s Office requires a secondary employment work permit to be signed by the organizer, but compensation is negotiated between the individual Deputies and the organizer.  The Sheriff’s Office generally allows the use of department vehicles for events on public roadways in the interest of public safety, but is reviewed on a case by case basis.




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