Top 5 Reason to Join Winter Half Marathon Training

Dear Coach,

It seems that everyone is really excited about half marathon training, but I am not sure how I feel about training through the winter. What are some FUN reasons to join in with the group that make training worth it.

Thank you,

Looking for FUN 

Dear Looking for FUN, 

Here are the top 5 reasons why people love training for a half marathon... especially in the winter! 

1. Post long-run celebrations.

What better way to celebrate your weekly long run then with special drinks, treats, and shopping deals in the warm interior of your favorite running store.

2. Winter training = spring & summer PRs.

Trust our experienced coaches – developing a good winter base will make your race time goals come true.

3. Exclusive training at OLP.

Tired of all the congestion on the parkway during the warmer months? No worry, there’s no one but the Fleet Feet team running out there on Wednesday nights!

4. Natural seasonal depression remedy.

Running outside, even on a cloudy day, provides your Syracuse body and soul with much needed Vitamin D.

5. Teammates that will keep you accountable.

On the days you’d rather stay inside in your flannel pajamas, there will always be a Fleet Feet friend to force you outside.


Oh and let's not forget the secret sixth reason winter half marathon training is so much fun...

6. Beardsicles.

Just that. They grow on you ;)

Looking forward to seeing you at the training program! You can still sign up online too, just click here


Coach Mandy


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