Ed's Blog: Top 5 Winter Running Tips

By Ed Griffin

Spoiled by an unseasonably warm December and start to the New Year, the latest blast of cold weather may intimidate many into not running or walking outside or worse, not running or walking at all.

Here are a few tips that will help you stay warm and comfortable this winter:

  1. Mittens Rule: Mittens are always warmer than gloves. Surely there is a scientific reason, like the isolation of your fingers makes them prone to being more exposed to cold. Who knows? But mittens will keep your hands warmer. Stop into Fleet Feet Syracuse and check our mittens out, including the fancy convertible ones that can turn back into a regular glove if your hands get warm.
  2. Gaiters Rock: The versatile and inexpensive gaiter might be the most useful tool in your winter running arsenal. You can use it to protect the front or back of your neck from wind and cold. You can also wear it so that is covers your ears (under your hat) and mouth. You can wear it as a buff or in many other ways. Check out the Merino wool versions - toasty!
  3. Wool is a Miracle Fabric: Believe it or not, my friend bet his co-workers that he could wear a wool shirt for thirty days to work, running and sleep in it at night and that it would not have any odor at the end of 30 days. He won the bet! The reason, wool does not absorb moisture, which makes it the perfect fabric for winter running because it will keep you warm. Socks, tops, under garments, pants - they all come in wool.  Get yourself some wool winter gear!
  4. Gortex Shoes, Yes Please: On days where the street, sidewalk or trail is covered in wet snow or worse, the dreaded slush, you will want shoes that keep your feet dry. Is there anything worse than cold feet, unless it is cold hands? Fleet Feet Syracuse stocks a good number of models that are waterproof and some use Gortex, which is a brand name like Kleenex.
  5. Guys, Keep Your Unmentionable Area Warm: Guys, this is not an easy subject but if you have been out and experienced pain due to cold weather in an area that will rename nameless, than this is for you. The combination of wind and sweat will expedite cold and can be quite painful. Fleet Feet Syracuse stocks men’s briefs with wind panels that will sunny your disposition. Also be sure to have running pants or tights that are wind resistant or have wind panels. Enough said.



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