Customer Testimonials

From time to time customer offer us some insight about their shopping experience at Fleet Feet Sports, Syracuse. Below is unsolicited feedback from customers.

January 2015

Fleet Feet Sports is my favorite store to shop in. It is a rare day that I come into Fleet Feet and leave without purchasing some new something I need to feed my running addiction. The staff are friendly, approachable, and pay attention to their customers. I recently had to exchange a pair of running shoes. It was a busy evening, but every staff member was pleasant, had a smile for each of us, and gave each of us attention. Thank you Fleet Feet for your great service and excellent products.
-Judy C.

I like that the staff have a solid knowledge about the products and can recommend shoes within the brand I wear. I also like the environment and that the products are reliable and long lasting.
-Linda C.

I could not be more pleased! First Class service from the moment I walked in the door. I have been battling Plantar Fasciitis for many months, even after doctor visits. I purchased new sneakers new inserts, and a special sock to help stretch my foot while I sleep. The pain is 95% better all ready and its only been a few days!
-Tim S.

December 2015

The service is great and the employees spend a lot of time with each customer. There was a lot of thought put into the shoes they brought out and I they were very knowledgeable. The fitting process was helpful.
-Lexy M.

The personal attention is awesome. I was there for almost an hour working with Mike to find the right shoes for me. The shoes I ended up with are amazingly comfortable and support my feet (and body) wonderfully. They take time to talk to you about your daily activities and what the shoes are going to be used for as well as how much they're used. They're also knowledgeable about running in the area and are great resources for training information as well.
-Lauren P.

I just went in for new running shoes, but found a bunch of other items, the most unexpected of which were swim goggles that feel wonderful! What I liked most was the thorough evaluation for my running shoes, not just putting me back in the same ones I had before. The store is an hour from home, but it is certainly worth the drive!
-Jennifer P.

November 2015

Very individualized service... Salesperson listens to concerns and needs.
-Jackie K.

Excellent selection and super-friendly and knowledgeable staff! Thanks for helping me and taking the time to tell me all about the new technology and light weight nature of my favorite shoes.
-Lauren J.

I like the personal service and the greeting every time I enter the store.
-Michael C.

October 2015

I get a different employee every time I go into the store and yet they are consistent with their recommendation. I like that. The store is always clean and neat and the employees are always friendly and helpful.
-Donna D.

We love the way you fit your shoes, as well as the variety you offer. I've had foot surgery, and your employees have been great with my strange fit needs.
-Mike L.

I like your knowledgeable staff; they are always friendly and helpful. I also like the many activities that you sponsor throughout the year. It is a nice chance to get out and see people and look at new products.
-Mary Ann P.

Fleet feet is awesome. Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. I always feel I've been assisted to the fullest extent possible.
-Tim O.

I love that you really care about the customer, and try to help them find what they really need. Great store, will always come back.
-Lauren M.

September 2015

I love the time the employees spend with you to make sure you have a perfect fit. The shoes are of great quality and are well worth the money spent.
-Jill D

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection of products.
-Yvette G.

I love the warm experience you get when you walk in the door. Very good staff, able to help find what you are looking for.
-Kristin H.

The service is outstanding and the sales associates are very knowledgeable about the products that are sold in the store.
I would most definitely refer friends and family.
Anne S.

I really appreciate the time that Brendan took in fitting me with athletic shoes. I recently had foot surgery and was very anxious about finding a shoe that would not hurt my foot. He was patient, attentive and made excellent recommendations. I have already passed his name on to my daughter and my neighbor. Thanks again for great customer service!!!!
-Charlene R.

August 2015

The great sales people are very knowledgeable and listen to my needs. It's not just a fitting. It's a whole experience. I found out a lot about my stride and foot strike. Thanks so much!
-Beth K.

Very good customer support. The salesperson was very patience and helpful. The store has a nice selection to choose from.
-Gerald H.

The fit process creates confidence in purchase. I love the sales process, I went back for another pair of the socks I didn't even know I needed. Love them.
-Clark S.

Individual attention to each customer. My son came home with a pair of running sneakers he said felt light and had a lot of cushion. This is the first time in months he didn't complain about his feet hurting.
-Tonya A.

I liked the attention to detail and the time that the people working at Fleet Feet take with the customer. My experience was excellent and I am so happy with my shoes.
-Sandy R.

July 2015

Your sneaker fitting specialist was very thorough and took my specific needs into consideration. She gave me useful tips and showed me new exercises and stretches that will help. Wonderful service.
-Sarah B. 

I like to deal with locally owned business with knowledgeable, friendly staff!
-Richard D.

Great customer service, love that I can get educated on what type of shoe works best for me.
-Michele C.

Coaches are supportive and motivating. Runners of all levels can benefit from their programs, and there are lots of programs to choose from. They carry a great assortment of products in their store so I can always find what I need.
-Lisa M.

June 2015

Knowledgeable, friendly staff with a good reputation. I've always had a great experience with everyone at Fleet Feet.
-Michael F

I always have a great experience at Fleet Feet and send people your way on a regular basis. I was recently having foot pain and Naomi worked with me on my fit and did a great job. We went up half a size and no more foot pain. Thank you, Naomi!
-Denise C

You have quality products, but it is the service that makes Fleet Feet an exceptional store. Oh, and your training programs. I got a LOT out of your training programs.
-Holly R

Custom service is beyond any. My Fleet Feet team member Mike had super knowledge about the products carried by Fleet Feet, when fitting me and watching me walk he knew what he was looking for. It's great to have customer service and not feel hurried. Keep up the great work Mike and Fleet Feet.
-Maureen D

May 2015

Took the time to look at my running gait, listened to my concerns, and I never felt rushed.
-Erica H

The thing I appreciate most is the time staff takes to find the perfect shoe and fit after a great interview. The interview focuses on activity and mileage and performing a gait analysis. Quality products and top shelf staff!
-Kimberly B

Noah was an excellent representative of your company. He took his time working with me. He listened to my needs and concerns, explained options, then listened to my feedback and answered my questions. I appreciate him speaking to me intelligently about subjects I have little knowledge of (footwear, inserts, gait,socks, etc.). My experience was pleasurable and informative. I was respected throughout the entire process. Noah made it possible for me to confidently make decisions in every phase and aspect of purchasing. Thank you! I have referred you to friends and I will be a returning customer.

-Michael C

It was nice to know that you were highly recommended by PT. It was nice to have someone take the time to explain and listen in todays rushed world.
-Belinda J

The service is amazing. The staff really knows the products!
-Laurie F

February 2015

Outstanding customer service and attention!! I didn't feel at all rushed. All of my questions/concerns were addressed and the woman who helped me was knowledgeable, friendly, patient, kind, and really just wonderful!
-Maureen M

I liked that no only did the associate fit my shoes well, she gave me a lot of great information about my foot health and the science behind everything I was buying.
-Maegan W

Very customer oriented and excellent to help find the perfect fitting sneakers and accessories for runners with all types of feet/strides. You take the time to listen to clients and provide options to really find the best shoe.
-Lindsey M

Was very impressed with the level of one on one service I received. Team listened to my issues and concerns asked questions and provide services that I needed. Could not be happier with my choices.
-Mary B

You carry very good products related to running and now leisure life, but the thing I like best about your store is your service. We know that everytime we come to the store we will recieve the best customer service. Your staff are very friendly and care about assisting us with purchasing the best product for our needs. You show that you care more about us than making a sale.

March 2014

I went to CNY Foot Surgery to have orthotic inserts made and when they told me what to wear - they said "go to Fleet Feet - they will take good care of you and they have good inserts to use until yours come in". Well I already had good inserts from Fleet Feet without even realizing what I had!(I had gotten new sneakers from FF 2 years ago w/special inserts that were recommended for my feet). I recently joined NO BOUNDARIES and I needed new running shoes and my daughter needed new sneaks for Spring track so we went this past Saturday and as usual were given excellent care. I went running today and my feet were much happier!
- Julie K 

Customer service is the best I've seen in a very long time. They take the time to listen to your concerns, what we do, actually measure your feet and give you good ideas, good selections and they don't try to sell you something you don't need....I would recommend your business (and have done so many times) to everyone and anyone that is looking for a sneaker or sports gear..
- Mackenzie C

I like that people know me when I comes in. But I mostly like that Fleet Feet is such a good corporate community member. I support Fleet Feet because it supports us!
- Donna O

You put the customer first and listen. You are enthusiastic about what you do. You also lead by example and those who serve also run/walk/train. It is simply a fun place to visit. The most recent example of this was last Saturday when in the course of my shopping for new sneakers, Liz took the time to check out my foot size, examine my prior Fleet Feet shoe purchase and make excellent recommendations going forward.
- Barry K Family

February 2014

I was greeted when I came in and did not have to wait to be helped. My sales person was patient and really listened to me. It couldn't have been a more pleasant experience!
- Sharon R

I absolutely loved your staff. Adrienne and Kaelyn were soooo helpful. I'm buying new shoes for my first half marathon and they were so supportive and told me to come in throughout my training for support or any other additional gear I would need. I live I'm Saratoga springs NY but the Syracuse fleet feet will be my new go to for my running needs. Thank you!
-Liz C

I always struggled with shin splints and was never able to run much. 6 years ago I came into Fleet Feet and was properly fit. I was able to run without pain, started training attended Hot Feet Training Runs. Since then I have completed 4 full marathons and 5 half marathons. I recommend Fleet Feet to everyone that tells me they would never be able to do what I did.
- Patrick N

Your staff is friendly, they know what they're doing, they treated my wife with courtesy, didn't try to sell her the more expensive shoe and she left very happy. We are VERY happy about the store in the Great Northern Mall area,because we come from the Fulton area.
-Patrick A 

January 2014

I really enjoyed the help and attention that Laura provided me with. She brought out a number of shoes for me to try, explained them all to me and then watched me run. She asked critical questions to help inform my decision and I could tell that she cared about making sure I got the best shoe for me.
-David B

The service was incredible!!! Our sales girl spent a great deal of time with us and made the experience very personable. She was very knowledgeable and professional.
- Wendy V 

I love everything about Fleet Feet and their commitment to helping every level individual from beginner to experienced, and every age from young to old. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and takes the time to make sure you're 100% satisfied. All the products are the best available and the guarantee on new 'runners' is unmatched anywhere. What I've enjoyed the most though is not just being a training program co-participant and making new lifetime friends, and completing my first 5K, but then having the opportunity to coach other new participants with all I've learned to help them succeed at running their first 5K Event. Extremely rewarding!!
-Michael N

December 2013

Megan was the most thorough salesperson ever. Most places you help yourself, which isn't always a good thing. She made sure I had the right shoe for what I needed. I'm 65+ and have multiple issues with my feet. For the first time in my life, I've joined a gym and needed shoes with support. She spent considerable time making sure I was happy and comfortable in my new shoes. I now go to the gym without pain in my feet. Thank you Megan
-Linda S 

First of all, the guy that helped me with fitting a sneaker, was very pleasant and explained what he was doing and why he chose the shoe and the orthotic that he did. I explained my problems with my feet and ankles (having rods, screws, and plates from a car accident) and having to be on my feet for 7-9 hour shifts...long story short, I came home from work the second day of wearing them and I had NO pain in my feet or ankles when I was done working:) If that continues, I'll be the happiest person alive!!
-Sue S

The products were great, but it was the service that skyrockets the satisfaction of my experience at Fleet Feet. I had no idea there was someone so willing to spend so much time with me to establish what the best footwear was for me, and how I could add other apparel to improve my overall jogging experience (like socks, braces, etc.) I can't give enough high-fives to everyone at Fleet Feet to adequately show appreciation for how they helped me on my way to my new jogging adventures.
-John E

Your staff is 100% attentive to each customer and meeting there needs. They are able to assess and meet the specific needs of each runner including those with injuries. My son was fit with Super Feet when he had a stress injury to his foot. He recovered fully and has not experienced re-injury in 2 years. Without the Fleet Feet fitting he would have continued to wear the wrong trainers and more injuries.
-Maureen B

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